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A formal introduction to The Edge. Here we'll introduce you to what The Edge is going to look like from an aesthetic point of view.

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Hello, Indie DB community!

The Edge is a futuristic political simulator with realism, action and storytelling combined. Here are a couple of brief atmospheric descriptions for everyone to get the general idea of what we're dealing with. More coming soon, so stay updated; there'll be more than just text.


At the close of the 21st century, mankind has suffered great losses to its populations. A disintegration of world order resulted from a global energy crisis, causing the few standing nations to unify their best political, engineering and scientific minds to create the Metropolises. These 5 self-sustaining cities were commissioned, deconstructed, moved and then reconstructed throughout the North American West coast, China and Japan. The first city, Jerusalem, was destroyed by an anarchist uprising soon after commission, resulting in a heightening of anti-partisan awareness in the remaining 4 Metropolises. The remaining Metropolises, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Azrael continue to stand as monuments of a once mighty race. However, an increasingly oppressive order has divided the society of Metropolis Gabriel into a resentful majority and a Police-backed Government power. The lower class citizens are forced into the surrounding slums, pitching tents in the sands that extend across the whole continent. Trouble is also brewing on the other side of the Pacific as Metropolises Raphael and Azrael are excluding the North American cities from standard status reports and trading.


Metropolis Gabriel is bordered by a port to its West, opening to the vast Pacific Ocean and a desert to the East, blasted smooth by wind. Dunes form along the coast to the North and South where the winds are lifted from the continental plateau by the cold front.

At the heart of Gabriel, a cultural epicenter showcases mankind's achievements along with the headquarters of the United Dominion. This area is viewed by the locale as largely a false front for a sinister organization, as protest in this area will result in immediate, indiscriminate riot action. In the surrounding area, businesses thrive and high-income living space is provided. Upon reaching the outermost districts, a network of elevated roads and flood routes appear. The vast majority of the population of Metropolis Gabriel live here.
Just beyond, a slum webs out into the desert, where the city's overpopulated seek refuge.

*As always, we indie devs need new hardware! Please make a charitable donation to through Paypal if you are able or to just ask questions, if you have them.*

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