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What is this mod ? What's in it ? How do I play it ? What's up with it ?

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Tiberian Sun Missions

A quick summary

Tiberiun Sun Missions in c&c 3 using Tiberium Essence (made by Carnius)

What does it have exactly ?

It has of course all original missions for the GDI and NOD with:

-NORMAL mode (duh)

-HARD mode redesigned because I think it needs to get harder;

-EASY mode redesigned;

-BONUS missions (you know, missions in Tiberian Sun that gives you help in the main missions)

What's up right now ?

Well, I'll begin by making the NOD missions because it's shorter that the GDI ones.

Currently I've made a few missions.

Expect a beta for Christmas...

You copied someone's idea !

No, it's not my job to put people down and I want to give

you some nostalgia and I know that someone else is doing vaguely the same right now, it's Freddie_S

and I encourage you to check his work too:

We're a small community after all.

What do I need to play this ?

Tiberium Essence Mod (version 1.6 for now) which was made by

Carnius, check him out too:

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