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First of all, Thank you for checking us out! Every person whom would look forward to this game, is an extra reason to make this game to the best of my abilities!

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Now, I must stress that even though this game is available for play, it is in no way near completed. Before everything else, I am concentrating on getting the World Mapping done, or at least part of it.

Features such as fixing walking animations, graphical improvements, UI (User Interface), and so forth are very much underdeveloped and most likely using temporary graphics.

The point of releasing an underdeveloped client is so that rather than users having to read DevBlogs alone, they can do that, then log in and see the developments for themselves - sort of like an interactive DevBlog.
Not only that, players would be able to speak to me personally, see the game being created, map by map, monster by monster and chat with other users and explore together.

With that, I plan to release an updated client within the next day or so.

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