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An introduction about Project Dark-Matter [Name not final]. We recently started this project and we wanted to show it of.

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We just wanted to make a little introduction about our project. We recently started this project so there currently isn't much to show yet, but we will show you the progress along the way. The reason we decided to show our project this early is because we want to be sure that people are interested in what we are making. If we make something and there aren't many people interested, would we want to spend a lot of time on it to make it and eventually get it on the market?

So what is Project Dark-Matter? Well, it started off as a little Doom clone but we decided that we wanted to add some other mechanics to differentiate our game a bit more. The core gameplay will still be a First person shooter.

You don't just select levels, you have a spaceship in which you travel the universe. You start of in a small and bare ship but my traveling to planets and collect resources you'll be able to buy certain parts and upgrade you ship. So instead of just getting to the end of the level and shoot a bunch of enemies you also have to collect resources. This will eventually lead to your progress in the game.

Thanks for your time, we are interested to know what you think and can't wait to share more of our progress.


Awesome. Keep it up!

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