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Our debut to the world of game development. We hope to be around for a while.

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Welcome to Heptade Studios, the number one place for all things with seven sides. We are a new company in this big world of game making, but we hope that you’ll be right there alongside us as we find our place in it.

Until now we have been working in secret on a game called Holdout. For now we will keep working hard to complete it for all of you people out there reading this right now, and make sure we tease you just enough along the way. But what exactly is Holdout? Well, Holdout is our début game which will be released on mobile devices Holdout is a combination of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and Tower Defence set in a sci-fi universe.

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You will take control of a squad of elite soldiers who’s mission is to evacuate civilians from an invading alien force. Your supplies and re-enforcements are limited so you’ll have to make due with what you’ve got on this one. For now that’s all your getting, but stay tuned as we’ll be showing the game off bit by bit in the coming weeks.

We here at Heptade Studios are very excited to show you all the work we have put into the project and hope that you’ll join us over the coming weeks to see what both our team, and this game, are really made of. Stay tuned, and watch this space.

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