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A little about myself and the development of this game.

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I've always been meaning to create a IndieDB page for my game but never got around to it. Better late than never I guess!

This game started as an interactive novel that I had to do as an assignment for a 'writing/storytelling' subject at university. After graduation I had some time to start projects for my portfolio, after a lot of thinking I decided to tackle game development based on the assignment I did.

Development started around late 2013 using whatever spare time I have left. The game is inspired by other games like Persona, Ace Attorney and 999/Virtues Last Reward.

My main trade is 'character modeller' but I have dabbled in gamedev, level design/mapping and scripting throughout my whole life. This will be the first time that I am making a proper game with the best of my abilities, I hope everyone will support me in the development of this game!

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