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Introduction and info about the development of Noontide, Gametype and technical

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Hi guys,

Noontide is a mod that my twin brother and I have been working on the since mid February for a Phase 3 release in the Make Something Unreal Contest. The media items we've put up are from an older version, due to a few assignments that needed to be done.

We have made serious progress on getting the subtleties of the Devil May Cry formula integrated into Noontide. The Mechanics behind Attack Movement were a particular issue going through two different iterations before we ended with a setup similar to the original Devil May Cry's system of attack movement and pushing.

I haven't detailed much about the rules of the Gametype, but the design currently resembles the Mercenaries mode from the later Resident Evil games.

Anyway I hope you don't have any problems with the DMC series and are willing to give it a shot, and to all the MSU entrants good luck with your projects.

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