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Introduction to the Star Wars Eras mod for SWEAW:FOC

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Hello all,

well I've been hovering around the EAW modding scene for a while and have dabbled a bit in modding my own game with various models from other mods. As time went on I started messing with the actual models themselves, adding hardpoints etc. I worked up to modelling from scratch from there. I'm still very much new to the idea of modelling though to be honest. But I thought, sure why not have a shot at creating my own mod.

Naturally I set my sights very, very high. As you can see the general plan is to follow canon and create something fairly true to the universe. There is a limit to that though of course. Certain things, such as droid starfighters imbued with the dark side, just don't fit in my mind. So things like that will be left out. I plan on having 2 campaigns as follows:

1. The Alliance Campaign
This campaign will start off with the creation of the Rebel Alliance and will follow canon up until the close of the Civil War at least. Once I have that much complete I may look to cover the Vong war and the Second Civil War.

2. The Imperial Campaign
This campaign will start off with the beginning of the Clone Wars. It will follow canon up until the Battle of Yavin, where it will split from canon and a new storyline will emerge. In it the Empire will defeat the Rebel Alliance, only to have to deal with internal struggles against rogue Moffs (inspired by the TIE Fighter storyline). Again, should I be able I might build in the Vong invasion against the Empire and a second Civil War there-after.

Before all of that though I'm going to focus on getting the units developed and in-game for the Skirmish modes. This will serve as a good test of the units themselves and how balanced the game does or doesn't turn out to be. The plan for now is to make only the Rebel Alliance and the Empire playable factions in Skirmish, although I'm considering adding in the CIS as I will be developing them for the Imperial Campaign.

I'm currently working on this mod on my own, so I will be looking to utilise other models where possible (such as the amazing work by Warb Null) assuming I get all the relevant permission. But I'm also keen to try and model a good number of units myself. I'm more than happy to take on board any (constructive) feedback anyone may have, but please remain patient. I have a lot of commitments outside of this so progress will be slow and steady. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end!


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