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A top-down shooter with slow motion explosions, wall crumbling special moves and time travel. Inludes explosive imagery!

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In short Time Recoil is top-down shooter where you kill to slow time, use devastating special moves and use timetravel to ultimately take down Mr. Time.

Before reaching Mr. Time you need to locate him and that means completing around 40 hand-crafted level. After completing the main "timeline" you can also speedrun the levels for the lowest possible completion time.

We've compiled a list of hilights below!

Kill to Slow Time

  • Your super power: Killing slows time
  • Subsequent kills give more time in slowdown
  • Conduct unbelievable slow motion feats

Use Special Moves

  • You Dash through walls and make the them crumble
  • Kills in slowdown grant special moves
  • The more kills you gain, the more devastating the move
  • Combine slowdown and moves into a devastating chain!

Mission: Travel into the Past...

  • Use the wormhole at the rebel base to reach the past
  • Mission goals range from assassination to rescuing scientists
  • Expect the unexpected along the way...

.. and Kill Mr. Time

  • You are a member of the Recoilers
  • Your ultimate goal: Kill Mr. Time
  • Mr. Time controls a time based weapon of mass destruction.
  • You must stop him in the past or the future is over.

If you want to try it go to and leavy your e-mail for potential beta and alpha invites!


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