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Today we will talk about how the programmers work on this project. Do they use secret tools such as a magic wandthat makes videogames? Probably not, but we will clear it now!

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Introduction to our work as programmers in Megamagic! (by @sueythelaw)

As programmers in the videogame industry our goal is to make happen all the crazy ideas that our beloved artists and designers have (we have too!). Megamagic is a big game, the team had to take some key decisions before the production was started to serve as a first guide to pre-production..

We use Unity3D, this is because we are very few programmers, and we have to focus all our energies in the development of the game, this doesn’t mean we don’t face technology problems in our projects. We have to design, build and improve the engine and the tools that would allow our team to build the game.

To develop Megamagic we built few tools, in my next devlogs I will try to talk about some of them, including:

  • Map building tools.
  • Narrative conversation tools.
  • Cutscene tools.
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