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A few things about the current state of the game. What are we creating and what is the current state of development.

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Hello boys and girls of IndieDB;

If you are reading this, welcome to the Secrets of Dyrt project. Phantasar Productions is basically me (Jeroen Broks aka Tricky) and everybody helping me to create a game. In this particular case, me and my artist, a guy who wishes to be known as Man of Steel and not by his real name.

I am actually a Dutch fantasy novel writer, currently publishing in Dutch, and my main saga is "The Phantasar Chronicles" or "Chronicles of Phantasar" if you like. The Secrets of Dyrt is basically a computer game novel in these series, featured as an RPG in old NES/SNES style. You don't need to have read any of the novels to understand the story of Dyrt, though. It's a story on its own, however reading the books might be fun after you played Dyrt as you'll sure discover the deeper layers of Phantasar's lore.
Well enough about this background shit.

The game is, like I said, as SNES style RPG game, with turn-based combat, however with an engine which can allow you to play with time. If you time your moves right, you can gain some extra power, however, if this timing thing is too complex for you, the game can be completed without it just fine. In order to keep the beginner happy, but also offer a challenge for you "tough guys", I implemented three difficulty settings. "Beginner", "Casual Gamer" and "No-Life Gamer". The story and the game's puzzles remain most of all the same, the battles on the other hand are greatly influenced by this.

Anybody who played an RPG game before will get the game's mechanics quite easily, and I don't think people for whom Dyrt is their first RPG game will have much trouble to understand what they are doing.

The game is currently still in development. The development officially began around June 2013, the actually programming scripting and stuff began around October or November of the same year. Currently the game is in the final stage of development before the beta will start.
As we are this close to the beta I have not yet uploaded anything to IndieDB yet, however if you really can't wait you can also visit our sourgeforge page to download the current alpha version, however this version will only allow you to play chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4. Chapter 5 (the final chapter) and the New Game+ and a secret unlockable bonus game mode are not included in the current download there.

I hope I can soon announce the beta. I've decided to make this a closed beta period to make sure all bugs and other bad stuff is removed to bring you the best we can once the official stable downloads will be available. It's hard to say exactly when the beta will start. I'm trying to get this show on the road before Christmas, but I cannot yet make any promises as I have duties apart from this game too.

I will make an official announcement here once the beta-testing and spelling corrections can start (en voor de Nederlanders onder ons. Het spel is tweetalig dus ook in het Nederlands te spelen) and some details what I had in mind when it comes to this.

If you have any questions regarding this production, ask away. I'll be happy to answer them.

See you soon



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