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An insight into the upcoming 3D Indie Side Scroller: Blokky

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Blokky is a new and unique take on 3D platforming, combining raw player skill with simple controls and intuitive, quick level design, making for a tough yet rewarding side scroller game.
Blokky is a cube with attitude, he alone must battle though the challenging reality of the master creator’s levels.
Blokky has one single mode of gameplay: Side-Scrolling, the player can instantly pick up and use this game, the simple controls system requires only 3 buttons to use (W, A, D) means everything is precise and any error is down to the player, not the game.
Every level in the game will be specifically designed to be as challenging yet rewarding to the player as possible. It will achieve this by placing deadly obstacles in the way of hard jumps, etc to cause a toughness that makes for a satisfying and addictive feeling at the completion of each level.

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