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What is Block Brawler? How do I play? And why does a summary have to be this long?

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Welcome to the Block Brawler page!

What is Block Brawler?

A super simple multiplayer platformer brawler.

Why is it called Block Brawler?

It was a working title that stuck. It sums up the premise perfectly, and who doesn't love some alliteration?

What is it made with?

Unity! Originally the game was prototype'd using the PhyreEngine for the PlayStation 4.

Why Unity?

I have a lot of experience with C++, asm, DirectX, etc, and have created several games using those skills; I wanted to pick up Unity and, after learning the ropes with tutorials and small prototypes, felt ready to start making my own game from scratch.

From scratch? What about the prototype?

  • Code wise - it was much simpler to start from scratch using Unity's libraries.
  • Models - I did import the old files originally, but then I decided to build them from scratch to avoid certain problems we hit in the prototype. Our poly-count was so damn high before...
  • Animations - we never got them working in PhyreEngine, so these had to be made new regardless.
  • Font - we used one of Nintendo's fonts in the prototype...
  • Textures - simpler textures worked well with the new simpler models.

Alright, but what's the game-play?

Jump around and squash each other! The more you get squashed the smaller you get. You move faster the smaller you are, but too small and you lose and become a ghost!

A ghost?

As a ghost you can keep playing! You cant win anymore, but perhaps you can haunt whoever killed you...

  • Ghosts can move through the map...
  • Ghosts still interact with other players...
  • Someone hiding in a corner? push them out!
  • Want revenge? The player who killed you is about the win? Block the slam!

What other game-play is there?

Wall jumping; to help you get around and keep it faster paced you can jump off walls as well as the ground.
Dashing; dodge away quickly to avoid a slam! or just use it to get around faster!

What are the controls?

  • L-Stick to move around (vertical only works as a ghost)
  • A to jump
  • X to slam when jumping
  • B to dash in the direction you're holding L-Stick (only works on the ground)
  • Start pauses the game.

I think that just about cover's it for an intro.
Next update will probably cover the current state of the game and what will come in 1.0.3A
(Yes I updated twice before even posting anything on the page...)



pretty interesting, I had a similar idea for the latest ludum dare (

Good luck!

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