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Let me introduce you to Project Izou, an Ocarina of Time mod that is well on it's way to it's first release! Sporting a totally new story, new enemies and bosses, new dungeons, new items, and of course a new overworld to explore!

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A First And Glorious Look at Izou

Let me introduce you to Project Izou, an Ocarina of Time mod that is well on it's way to it's first release! Come follow the adventures of Link after the events of Majora's Mask. The naturally adult aged Link stumbles across a land called Izou which contains all the discarded and unwanted ideas and dreams of the Zelda universe. Link explores the land, only to discover that he is destined to don the Sacred Armor and become the Hero's Shade, the mysterious guide from Twilight Princess.

Check out the trailer!

With the sudden increase of work being completed, patch one should be finished this month, just in time for the holidays, which are the best time to play a Zelda game in my opinion!

Here is what you can expect to be in patch one:

  • An updated look for Link.
  • A new character.
  • A new enemy.
  • A new boss.
  • A new introduction cutscene when starting a file.
  • The first dungeon.
  • New music.
  • Increased difficulty.

We hope y'all are looking forward to the release of the first patch as much as we are!

We're Looking For Some Help

And lastly, we could use some help coding a Blender plugin that can automatically fix some animation rotations for the new (and every future) boss and enemy. Currently it takes about 20 minutes of manually updating the rotations in a text file for the N64 hardware to display the rotations correctly. That's 20 minutes PER FRAME! So this plugin would speed up the release date by at LEAST a week of heinous tedium. Click the button below to get more specifics:

Join ALL the places:


Well I just finished the patch, and I have few comments.
1.Will there be an explanation of why Link's in, what I guess,a prison?
2.There seems to be an issue that if u leave the room with ladder on fire while the switch is still pressed, u can't re-enter. To fix this, u just stand still till the switch de-activates and then back up a bit then enter the room, not a problem, but this could ruin the game for those who cant figure out how to get past this issue
3.While I like the new spider, I have issues killing one of them as after I break free,its already on top of me and it needs less then half a second to grab on to me again. Maybe it should jump back a bit more to prevent this? (I'm using a 2-keys-at-a-time keyboard only so it may just be me but just saying)
Anyways, I enjoyed the patch, has that puzzle difficulty official games lost over the year. Looking forward to playing future release and I'd like to help any way possible

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