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An introduction to our mod, as well as a runthrough of the various issues we have encountered, and a list of where we are up to so far.

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Operation Wolfheart- Entry #1
It took us long enough, right? Anyway, we are team Crymax and this is the page for our mod Operation Wolfheart. It's been a long couple of months, and we're nearing the end of our production period, so the crunch has begun. Actually, it's been going for a while now.

Our concept has changed dramatically since we started, due to overambitiousness on our own part when we made our designs for the Pre-Production Planning. First, we were informed that 3 levels was too much to do in 3 months, on top of all the art assets that needed to be created, and then a week or so ago we were advised that half of the game just wasn't working.

You see, our original plan was to be a half sniping, half stealth game. But the stealth elements just never gelled with the Crysis engine, and without a C++ coder in our group it just wasn't feasible. So we've converted the second part of the level into a standard FPS. It's not what we wanted, but in the end it's better to have something fun and simple, than overblown and broken.

Where We Are

  • Level Assets: Fort Walls and Trees created, as crates and objects for the inside mission.
  • Characters: Spy head, and Werewolf and Scientist models created and imported.
  • Textures: Basic grass, rock and dirt textures created and exported
  • Weapons: Knife created and exported, with very basic animations. Very rough sniper rifle also created with good animations.


  • Level 1, Part 1: Terrain sculpted, basic grass texture applied, car chase implemented, sniping implemented and team-mate following implemented. Teleports created, but no cut-scenes as of yet to cover them. Enemies added.
  • Level 1, Part 2: Level scripted, enemies added, inside objects also added. Very close to completion.


  • N/A: Our team-mate responsible for this has dissapeared. We will not be marked down for this, but possibly we will find some royalty-free music to replace it with.


  • Basic menu's created, needs visual overhaul.

Despite all of the issues we've gone through to get to this point, we hope to deliver at least a competent mod to you very soon. In the end, it's better that we have learned these things now, instead of having to learn them inside the industry, where the pressure is higher.

Joseph 'Gerkuman' Adams,
Team Leader

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