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Rollur, the *Rolling Transformer* is the product of parallel development method perform by Galatic Unification Group. It's functions were being researched separately by several GUG's branch and put together in it's HQ result in it's multiple fighting form and functions.

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Rollur can be an offensive force with the combo of 'Rolling' and 'Cannon Ball' and also a defensive force with 'Fortress' and it's high defensive stat. This is the most well-rounded robot in the field at the moment. It's so good that GUG (and we) put most of their money and personel in this one.

I just love the concept of transformer so I thought lets put one in the game and our artist just put all his love in this unit. This robot look like a simplified spider that can transform into a ball and a fortress. And we choose this robot as our first introduction of units series 'cause we know anyone would love this guy, enjoy seeing him in action.

PS: Please lets us know what do you think about this guy :)

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