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Our first Siege 3 structure to showcase. Look for more "Introducing..." articles in the coming weeks to see more Siege 3 structures and gameplay elements.

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The Basecore

The Basecore is the life and blood of every Siege player. It is the Siege player's duty to protect their team's core at all costs. To help in the defense, the Basecore produces a steady stream of resources (called RES) which are required to build and repair structures. At the beginning of a game, the Basecore is the only source of income, however, it won't be too long before alternate methods of production become available.

Perceptive players will notice that the Basecore replaces the flags on all available CTF maps. Because most CTF maps are designed to make it hard to get to the flag area, gaining access to the enemy Basecore is already a challenge. The more time a team has to build up defenses around their Basecore, the more difficult it will become to win. Subsequently, it is imperative to know what the enemy team is doing at all times. Building structures takes a lot of time, so interrupting the enemy's construction plans early game is a powerful tactic.

Once a Basecore is under attack, an audio and visual warning will notify the enemy team of the mischief, so be prepared for a prompt rejoinder. It is possible to tell how damaged your Basecore is by the number of panels that are missing, as the damage racks up, more and more panels fly off. Also, the Basecore's health is listed at the top of the screen for easy reference. Increased damage to a Basecore will prompt more urgent warnings, until finally the Basecore is destroyed and the round ends.

The Basecore cannot be repaired, upgraded or reclaimed.

In other news, the website is currently being populated with content and information regarding an older version of Siege (Siege 2), but will be edited when newer models and game features of Siege 3 become available. The latest versions of Siege 2 have not been released to the public; they are given to private league communities for competition and practice only.

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