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A summary of where I'm at in the development of Wayward Odyssey and where it's going!

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Wayward Odyssey is the baby I've been working on for close to a year now and I think it's time to start getting serious about showing it to the world. As the summary describes it, the game's about managing the last fleet of human spaceships as you travel across the universe trying to survive. The catch is that you can't just build more giant death ships to crush enemies - you need to learn when to fight and when to run!

Where it's going

  • 3D RTS space battles!
  • Procedurally generated universe
  • Many events/quests telling the story of the universe, the slaughter of humans and the background of those responsible
  • Manage your fleet, seek out other humans and search for valuable resources to survive

Where it's at

  • Unpolished 3D RTS engine - command ships, basic fighting, dockable fighter craft and basic ship management are implemented. More than enough to start adding content and refining gameplay.
  • Terrible or stolen art - yep that's the Hiigaran battlecruiser. I'll be looking for an artist when it's in a state I think an artist might actually be interested!
  • (Badly) randomly generated universe. I'd like to populate the universe in a much more clever way and develop some really interesting things to do.
  • Story - I've got the basics down but lots more work and fleshing out. I'd like enough story/content to facilitate several unique playthroughs

I’ll try and post news, images and videos once or twice a month. I'm always anxious about sharing what I'm working on but I'll go crazy if I don't!

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