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See all those blue little dots? They're passengers. See all the brown things? They're houses. The passengers need to get there. And fast. So get programming!

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Long gone are the times when WASD was used to control your vehicles. Long gone the times where you could solve one map after the other.

TrAInsported makes you program your trAIns - the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) will win the match.
When your AI is done, you can upload it to the official website to let it fight in live, online matches, which you can watch from within the game. Also check the website for rankings, results of previous matches and upcoming matches.
Here's the steps you have to take to world-trAIn-domination:

  1. Get the game.
  2. Do the tutorials.
  3. Practice in "Compete" and "Random" game modes. Make your AI the fastest and smartest one out there.
  4. Upload the AI to the website.
  5. Watch it dominate in the online matches!

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