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I've officially launched the Way of the Pigeon Patreon page, a safe and easy way for people to fund, support and be part of creative endeavours such as game development at the Pigeon!

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My aim with this Patreon (aside from the obvious of funding to do what one loves full time) is to create a community around a shared passion and interest of game creation, design, business / theory, ideas and game play, with you, the beautiful ones!

So that will be in the form of regular posts, video, live streams (once we hopefully have enough peeps), screenies, alphas, demos, downloads, theory, chat, sharing, caring; everything related to the craft, creativity and the good fight!

I believe that through this system of fundraising I will finally be able to keep consistent and create value early during the creation process rather than only after a hopeful release. Many creatives / indies find it hard to complete or compete with the old ways of 'create an idea then interact / charge once its complete and hope for the best'. Visibility is becoming an even huger problem the bigger the internet becomes (contrary to the belief that 'that' simply means more opportunities, just look at mobile ಠ_ಠ).

It can be especially hard in this climate (just due to low barrier / cost and sheer volume of people failing much less succeeding) to simply be found after creating something irrespective at times of its quality, without community support, anticipation (or motivation) and guidance. This, then, seems like a great platform to remedy many of these first world problems.

So, if my ideas / project(s) interest you and you'd like to start on your path of Pigeon Ninja Mastery then go ahead and grab a tier. This is new to me too so I look forward to hopefully learning from you and becoming better as we go along!

Meanwhile, thanks so much again, especially if you got this far down, whoa!
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Join the Pigeon Patreon at

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