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this news topic is on introducing the night vision crimes staff. and get used to the hard working team.

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Ok Now its about time to introduce the staff of Night Vision Crimes.


Ricoh106 is the owner and founder of night vision crimes. He works as a SCM Coder-3D Modeler-Animator and a Converter-Rigger. He is Irish. He is the main poster of night vision crimes topics.


Scotty2hotifacation is also irish. He works as a SCM Coder-Animator-Rigger Active Character Rigger and an Endorphin Tester. His account was banned on

Wild Dog:

Wild Dog Is a crazy argentine guy. He works as a Mesh Editor Colision Editor VB Coder and C++ Coder. He is one of the most hard working. And Likes a laugh!


Benpap Is A Greek worker from the island of crete. He works as A Beta Tester and a Voice Actor. He plays the demos of nvc on youtube and records with unregistered hypercam.

S.F (Simone Frankalshovski):

S.F Is a belgian video editor. He edits The Night Vision Crimes videos. With Software to make the videos especially cool. He was mostly involed in Night Vision Crimes - Zombie Survival.


Rober is a spanish guy who doesnt want to describe himself. He is A Video Editor, Animator-Mapper-MP hoster and a Texture Artist.


He is An Irish all arounder. In his spare time he works on the load up code. For the loading of Night Vision Crimes.


Darkgod is columbian. He is the main 3d Max/Maya skinner. He Designed all the characters in Zombie Survival (Tommy Gore,Nikko Connor,Bella Daniels,Zombies,Creature01,Carl Jackson and Ron Reegan)


Testman is a mexican beta tester. Every time something is added to NVC's Archive he is the tester to make sure everything fits in. He is also the cheat coder.There you have it!! The Night Vision Crimes Team!!


Most of thouse people work for me! You lier!

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Ha really?

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