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Collect symbols, visit vending machines, and eat yummy packaged food! Ignore those tubes tho...

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Introducing the Sheeple! Collect symbols, visit vending machines, and eat yummy packaged food! What more could you ask for from life? Everything is perfect. Ignore those tubes tho...

We've made this teaser video into a sortof "brochure" that's meant to tempt the Sheeple from their life of sustenance, into a life of dependence. Why? It's easy, convenient, and rewarding! And it's FUN!

The Sheeple don't look too interesting going about their daily lives, true. But when the other game mechanics are tied together, exciting things happen. The Sheeple are the second major component of our game. Plants were the first. We hope to reveal the third component next week. Following that, we'll reveal how they all fit together in our trailer!

Unfortunately during the making of this video I suffered a hard drive crash... so it's not as good as it should be, but this render is okay enough. Stay tuned till the end for a teaser reveal. The footage is unfinished prototype game footage and may not represent the final state of the game. Also these are NPCs, players don't control the Sheeple directly! Much of this is actually gameplay footage though, because you can "spy" on the Sheeple from far away by pressing tabs on the left of the UI.

Tomorrow we'll throw up a development update to complement this.

PLEASE stay tuned - subscribe to our email list, like us, follow us, share our link - we are launching crowdfunding soon and this project is gonna crash and burn without support!

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