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Meet the cute, hungry for pixelated flesh, henchman.

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So here they are: an evil, hungry henchman and it's a perfect time for the roll call


The most classic undead entity of all, walker not very smart and fast, however, his unpredictable behavior, can be dangerous for an inattentive person


The happiest sneaky little bastard! Pretty good at jumping, and shapeshifting


Will find you, no matter what


The world's greatest party-dude. Party even after his death


Got nothing against anyone. Just having some good time, blowing up stuff


Bite someone is improperly for a gentleman, so he uses a flail-like weapon


Cute, undestructible evil device

So here it is folks! The first pack of enemies, who will be featured in upcomming demo, and there will be more, including bosses. Stay tunned for an enemy introduction pt2 and I'll catch you next time

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