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Want to know the persons behind the game Tides of Truth? Meet the crew!

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O'ridy, what's going on?

Well, you may have heard that Tides of Truth started a few months ago as a new Half Life 2 mod, and now it evolved into a real stand alone game with home build engine en massive content and... wait, what? Never heard of Tides of Truth?! Oh my gosh!


So, who's the crew you ask?

Well, first we have Collo, he's pretty much the Chief.
He organizes, coordinates and does pretty much the same like the rest of the crew.
Owh and he doesn't know that the crew made him chief, so we can blame him if things go wrong.
Don't tell him!

Next, our uberleet programmer, Yourdoom!
He can do everything with code, and if he can't do it, it can't be done.
And if it can't be done, he still finds a way to do it.
Humans aren't supposed to be this good, so some of us suspect him from being an Alien.
I haven't found his flying saucers tho.

Good, next guy; Ingmar!
He makes good music. And good sound effects.
And he's very good with music editing, good with creating ambient music,
and owh, did I mention he's good with sound?
You will hear from him soon and... he's good. Be afraid.

And that's all folks!... do I really need to introduce myself?
Fine, I'm MisterG, and I'm here for you, the community! yay!
Well, actually, I have to do a little bit of everything.
Community tasks are just one part.
Feeding the Woody Doodles and the evil garden
gnomes is the other one.
And annoying the other crew members of course,
that's almost a full day job.

Howdy Ho!

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