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Hey-ho, here we go! Introducing Red Alert 3: Revolution! Here's the change list as of 13th May

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  • Proton Beam Capacitors global upgrade power; replaces Chrono Rift Level 2. Upgrades Assault Destroyers, Apollo Fighters, and Hydrofoils with Proton Beam Weapons, which increase firepower. Slight Graphical change to Assault Destroyers and Hydrofoils when upgraded.
  • Enhanced Reactors global upgrade power; replaces Chrono Rift Level 3. Upgrades all Allied Power Plants to provide 50% more power.
  • All Allied Structures deploy times standardized to 2 seconds. New Dust FX when deployed/sold. Spectrum Tower and Armour Facility broken deploy animations fixed.
  • IFV's AA firing FX fixed. Enhanced firing sounds.
  • Multigunner Turret's missile weapon firing FX fixed. Enhanced firing sounds. Now uses correct weapon when garrisoned with Tanya.
  • Javelin IFV's/Turrets now use weapon similar to the GLA Rocket Buggy.
  • New distortion firing FX for Spectrum Tower and Mirage Tank. Enhanced firing sounds for both.
  • Aircraft Carrier Drones can now retarget during flight. Now retain exhaust glow when upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics.
  • Apollo Fighter's takeoff/land animation fixed. New exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Enhanced firing sound for Javelin Soldier.
  • New Chronoshift Sound Effects (similar to Ra2).
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.


  • Improved Kirov Skin; looks more like the original render. Drops Tesla Bombs when elite. Takes off from the Airfield slower.
  • Improved MiG missile exhaust FX. New exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Enhanced Tesla Coil firing/charge FX. Now uses Supercharged Yellow Lightning FX when being charged by Tesla Units.
  • Leech Beam Colour Change, beam direction travel corrected.
  • Apocalypse Tank Magnetic Harpoon Colour Change, Enhanced Firing Sound, new shell detonation FX.
  • Tesla Trooper firing animation fixed.
  • Twinblade rockets now have models, auto-cannons are now constant-fire.
  • Enhanced Sentry Gun firing sound, now constant-fire.
  • Magnetic Satellite can now pick up Time Bombs (based on level), Balloon Bombs (all levels) and Rocket Angels.
  • Tesla Tank now available in skirmish/multiplay
  • Molotov Projectile Speed increased.
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.


  • New Shogun Plasma Cannon FX. Enhanced Firing Sound.
  • Improved animation for Tsunami Tank's Special Ability.
  • Improved Chopper/Striker/Defender VX missile exhaust FX.
  • Tank Busters are now armed with mini Wave-Force Cannons. Can fire through multiple targets.
  • Rocket Angel Photon Rocket Projectile FX fixed. Now uses red FX when elite.
  • Enhanced Yuriko Psyonic Blast FX. Similar to Uprising.
  • Improved Wave-Force Cannon/Artillery hit FX.
  • Wave-Force Cannon now does the same damage as the Wave-Force Artillery. Charge time increased to 4 seconds. No longer post-charges after each shot.
  • Defender VX uses fire sounds from Uprising, now constant-fire.
  • Shinobi's Sword Weapon removed; now has a clip size of 3 Shurikens.
  • Jet/Mecha Tengu now uses new exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.

Global Changes:

  • Engineer capture sounds now the same as in Uprising
  • Implemented 4x3 UI from Uprising.
  • Parachute drop speed decreased.
  • All changes from patch 1.11 will be implemented after the patch has been released, and the Mod SDK updated.

Future Changes:

  • Artemis, Century, and Harbinger Airstrikes. Completely replaces Time Bomb.
  • Futuretank X-2, unlocked via a Support Power (similar to Generals).
  • New Soviet Support Powers; Tesla Flak, Armour Superiority (duel barrel Hammer upgrade + Apocalypse Missile Pods). Replaces Desolator Airstrike 2 & 3.
  • EMP Balloon Bombs.
  • Remove the Multigunner Turret's infantry garrisoning ability (the code is broken beyond repair). Starts off with a Shotgun weapon, can be upgraded to missiles. Name change to Pacifier Turret.
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