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RDZ Industries: Project Y4 is a single-player action-adventure RPG total conversion map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne.

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RDZ Industries: Project Y4 takes you to a remote moon in the outer reaches of the solar system, where man is only just daring to tread -- where only multi-national corporations like RDZ Industries can even afford to tread. Drawn by the lure of the energy crystal taschari, the high-explosive mineral thaelite, and the potential for even more exotic minerals, mining facilities dot the emptiness of space.

But away from prying eyes, and where rival corporations can be safely dispatched without risk of civilian casualties, RDZ Industries have set up numerous research and development facilities. Built on top of taschari mines and near metal and mineral deposits, these integrated bases are almost entirely self-sufficient, often producing enough of a surplus to ship home. In these quiet places, generic mechanical upgrades and devastating new weapons alike are researched, prototyped and ultimately put on the production line.

But now Facility EY43, situated on a rock that can barely claim the title "moon", orbiting the gas giant Zeus, has gone dark.

Security forces from other bases nearby were scrambled and quickly went into the base to investigate -- and were promptly destroyed by the army of AI-controlled drone equivalents the factories had already managed to spew out. They withdrew and formed a cordon, securing the base, though no drone made any attempt to breach the facility's outer wall.

After several more failed attempts to breach the facility, a new plan had to be devised. They called in the AP-AM.

Another project from another facility, the All-Purpose Assault Mech is, as the name suggests, designed to be able to counter any threat, known or unknown, that it might come across in the wild. Twin EMP cannons can disable enemy mechs, leaving them open for the huge razor blades mounted on long articulated arms to shred their armour -- and for attacks from a distance, two modular artillery cannons can rain explosive shells down in quick succession. RDZ Industries management decided that the AP-AM was ready for live testing.

And that's where Project Y4 begins. Your mission is simple: get in, regain control of the facility, and find out what the hell happened.

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