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In this news story we will reveal the previously unspoken of team members, and give a little insight into the behind the scenes progress.

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"Heresy Grows From The Idle and the Weak!"

It seems that it has been a while now since this mod started, and everyone is unaware of the team currently involved with this project, So therefore it has been decided that we should reveal ourselves unto the public.

So i guess the best place to start would be myself:

Name: Leanden
Real Name: Jamie "Phoenix" Kalmar
Rank: Project Manager
Age: 20
Nationality: English
Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Martial Arts
Other Information: I Study Computer Science at Leicester University, and i love to write and design things, as you will see as this mod later develops with some new unseen models, of my own design.

Next Is My Second In Command, and Chief Modeler (Currently Grinding Out Models At An Amazing Rate For One Person):

Name: Nagrach
Real Name: Christian Giessl
Rank: Chief Modeler & Assistant Project Manager
Age: 20
Nationality: German
Hobbies: Falconry, Environment Protection, Metal Festivals, Table Top/Pen & Paper Gaming
Other Information: A firm follower of Chaos and new to the world of modelling, but as can be seen he is an exceptionally quick learner and produces some excellent work.

And Now For The Rest Of The Team:

Name: Ds
Real Name: Daniel Stennet
Rank: Chief Coder
Age: 19
Nationality: Australian
Hobbies: Anime, Writing, Modding, Gaming
Other Information: Our only coder, but an exceptional one at that, to quote him directly, "Anything is possible with enough code!"

Name: Nozdormu
Real Name: Currently Unknown
Rank: Modeler
Age: Currently Unknown
Nationality: Currently Unknown
Hobbies: Being Mysterious
Other Information: We don't know all that much about Nozdormu, but he can model. (Apparently)

Name: Gilly6666
Real Name: Mark Gilmore
Rank: Modeler
Age: 26
Nationality: English
Hobbies: Also Being Mysterious
Other Information: Has produced a couple of models in the past, we shall see what he becomes.

Well that is the team. Behind the Scenes at the moment, there are some coding developments taking place to allow for a full 10 teams within SW:EAW, as well as some other new features including minefields and other delicacies. Check Back In The Future For More Details!

Thanks For Reading
Project Manager


ooo, a fellow martial artist. I'm intrieged.

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Grammaticus Author

Tae Kwon Do, Silver Medalist in the EMA

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