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Introduces the 4 heroes of Capsella The Lights of Lucern. Features the concept art of each one.

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Hello Everyone!

We'd like to introduce the 4 heroes that will carry the Capsella!

Artwork Heroes Lucas

Lucas Rochben

Special Ability
Taunts the enemies to attack himself, protecting the other heroes.
Other Technics
Focuses on targeting multiple enemies and charging into battle.

Artwork Heroes Laurina

Laurina Thoron

Special Ability
Hides herself, becoming invisible for a few seconds to re-position.
This isn't fleeing.
Right, say that again and I will hit you.
Other Technics
Focuses on targeting one enemy at time and use quick moves to evade attacks.

Artwork Heroes Aran

Aran Hathel

Special Ability
Parries the enemy attack if executed at the right moment.
Other Technics
Focuses on destroying everything around him.

Artwork Heroes Ambar

Ambar Aranel

Special Ability
Creates a magical barrier around herself, bouncing off projectiles.
Other Technics
Talented mage by nature, she fights using spells to distract the enemies while she prepares bigger

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