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JForce's upcoming best indie game ever, featuring cutscenes by Egoraptor, way too many weapons, and puns.

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I figured it's about time we fired up a Mod/IndieDB page. Need to start spreadin the good word of Unstoppable to you fine folks over here, just in case you've been living under a boulder and you've never heard of the most awesomest game company IN THE WORLD: JFORCE!!!

Um, yeah, so watch the video above, it gives a little introduction to us, but it's mainly about our big recent announcement: Egoraptor! Definitely check out his Awesome Series if you've haven't already, very hilarious stuff, as is Girlchan in Paradise.

If you'd like to learn more about us then check out our slick website: Also we just started working full-time on this game, see our latest blog post. And I'll keep our page here updated along with our blog, so it'd be cool if we could gain some 'trackers'.


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