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Hello everyone, it is Nikolay Aulov. Today i would like present to you a fix mod, called Half-Life: Source Update.

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Download link's.

Half-Life: Source Update - Demo Release #1

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Yandex Drive

The main goal of this mod is to fix and recreate the features, that you have seen in original Half-Life, but on the Source Engine. As you know, Half-Life: Source was badly ported and there are many bug's and error's, so, i will recreate Half-Life: Source to make it looks more polished and fixed with original keys. You will see the Half-Life: Source in the way, that it is must to be. Which means, i will recreate stuff from original Half-Life and make it works on the Source Engine. I don't like the way Half-Life: Source looks, so, be prepared to see the old school stuff, but on the Source Engine with features from original Half-Life.

Here is a video about some gameplay.

And here are some screenshots.


And here is an image, that tells you about the creator of this mod( lol, it is me ).

Creator of the mod

How To Install.

1.)Download "anon-hl2.rar" archive in provided above link's.

2.)Once it finished downloading, open this "anon-hl2.rar" archive with WinRAR or 7-Zip program's.

3.)You will see "anon-hl2" folder in this "anon-hl2.rar" archive.

4.)Extract this "anon-hl2" folder for example to your Desktop.

5.)Once it finished extracting, open this "anon-hl2" folder( that was extracted to your Desktop ).

6.)You will see .bat file launcher, called "hl1.bat".

7.)Double left-click on it and play.

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