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Cryospace Online is a Sci-Fi themed PvE MMORPG with space combat, resource gathering, crafting, and persistent damage system that is currently in the prototype stage.

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Explore the galaxy looking for resources and parts to repair and upgrade your starbase or ship. The more systems you repair the more people you can awake from cryo-sleep. Each one can unlock new abilities and crafting recipes. Then assign them to crew limited seats on your ship providing unique combinations of abilities. Each crew member is a unique character with their own skills and level. Instead of a traditional single player character, you level all your crew. Want to change your play style? Just assign a different combination of crew before starting a mission.

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Starting out your starbase and ship systems are old and run down. You can repair or upgrade them from scavenge equipment parts. Additionally, taking damage during a mission may damage or destroy components. This requires you to carefully evaluate the risks vs rewards of each engagement.

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Note that as a prototype, most things are either place holders or not yet finished. Expect content and features to change as development progresses. See the roadmap for details.

However, there are already many working areas in the game. The inventory, loot and credits system are in place. You can explore different zones and mine asteroids for resources. Hunt down enemy AI for more loot. Then return to your starbase for repairs. Sell your items and use the funds to decorate your personal starbase. The skill system contains a few test abilities... just watch out dropping the neutron mine as it has a large blast radius.

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Few more shots from new features just added:

Black hole sucking in player

Black holes are not player friendly. And flying in a nebula will impact your sensors and target range.

Sensors being affected by Nebula

What I need at this point is more play testers that will report bugs and give feedback. There is an in-game system that makes it easy. Just press F8 or use the escape (ESC) menu. What you'll get in return is exclusive access to a unique new game before anyone else. And you'll be providing critical feedback that contributes to making the game better. I'll be looking to name new enemies and system after some of the people who provide the best feedback. If all this sounds like fun to you, then don't wait and sign up today!

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