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Hi, everyone. We have been around for a couple of days, and although we have uploaded a bunch of videos and images, we never got the chance to properly explain what is Archmagia. If you let me, I will try to introduce you to our main features and to show you why are we so innovative and different to other trading card games you are playing. Most of the content can already be found in our development diary (, so forget me if you already read it. Enjoy!

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What is Archmagia?

Archmagia is a videogame. Well, it will be. Right now, it is under development and we've decided to share the whole creative process with you: planning, preliminary concepts, drawings, modeling, animation... everything!

You might well ask, what is Archmagia about? Well, think of any trading card game you have ever played, or heard about - most of them are great! But, we still think they can be improved. How? Have you ever dreamed about having all of your creatures and spells as real 3D animated models, complete with great visual effects, but still keeping all the classic strategy and fun? You have? Well, that's Archmagia!


Imagine a world in ruins. All civilization as we know it has collapsed and only magic prevails. A specific type of magic: Archmagia. There are four elder guilds of powerful Archmages, experts in twisting and molding mana to cast amazing spells and summon mighty creatures. These four guilds have been preparing for the final battle. Now, war has been declared and the Archmages will draw upon their arcane powers to conquer their enemies and gain the final victory.

In Archmagia, you will play as a powerful Archmage. You will learn to cast a great variety of spells - with stunning visual effects - that will destroy your enemies. You will also summon awesome creatures and command them so that they will crush anyone who is crazy enough to oppose your powers.ClassesIn Archmagia, it will be possible to choose between four different classes of Archmages. Each one has its own set of features, powers and abilities, and each one needs to be played in a different way. Here, we present to you the four classes of Archmage that we are working on.



Archmages belonging to this guild have the ability to reach altered states of consciousness in order to interact with the Spirit World. This class of Archmage can cast spells to draw upon the energy of a wide range of spirits of nature to empower their senses and abilities. They are specialized in blessing and healing themselves and their minions. They can also summon several natural creatures such as wolves, bears, fairies, bugbears, green dragons, manticores, etc.

Archmages of this class weave their spells by carving runes into different materials: stone, wood, sand, etc. Carved runes channel Archmagic to summon, among others, strong trolls, mountain giants, rock worms, sand elementals or diamond golems. Those runes also allow the Rune Carvers to cast earthquakes, throw magma bolts, transmute their skin into obsidian, or heal their wounds using a healing rune.

Members of this elder society of Archmages obtain their powers through technology...but a special kind of technology: steam-powered. Nano-machines, robots, explosives, lasers, turrets and Artificial Intelligence controlled entities are some examples from the technomancer spellbook.

This ancient order of Archmages uses dark and forbidden energies to mold mana and distort the thin divide between life and death. With their power, necromancers can summon zombies, ghouls, powerful liches, mummies, vampires, bone dragons, and all kinds of undead creatures. They can also cast spells to drain the life force of their enemies, cast rotting curses, throw dark energy missiles, or summon black tentacles to strangle anyone brave enough to confront them.


One of the most original concepts introduced by Archmagia are the chambers. Each Archmage will have his own chamber. Chambers will be fully customizable: for example you will have the ability to add ancient artifacts, powerful items or mana generation devices. In their chambers, Archmages will be able to grow their own creatures that will be already summoned when battle begins.

Chambers will also allow our characters to experiment and discover new spells, to obtain new summons or even to improve their spell-book to empower already existing spells. Just think about the chambers as being the private playgrounds of the Archmages.

But that's not all! They also possess an incredible feature: your Archmage will have his chambers teleported to the battlefield! This includes all the selected artifacts, creatures and items you want to use in your next magical duel. A great chamber will definitely add an important strategic component to the battles the Archmages will fight.Why this blog?It has been a while since the idea of creating a spell card game first crossed my mind. In fact, I have a large number of documents and some rules proposals from as early as 2007. While I have been thinking about it in the background ever since, in the meantime, I have started an augmented reality company gathered a great team around me and have worked on a number of amazing projects for several years.

The Many-Worlds team have thought about it and have come to a decision: we really want to create this game and now is the time to do it! That's why we are starting this blog. We want you to stay tuned and we really want your feedback. We would love to share with you the ways in which we are developing our game, in exchange for your opinion. Do you like our ideas? Do you think they could be improved in any way? We would really appreciate your comments. We will use this blog to share our progress and right here, you will be able to see our preliminary designs and concepts, our first 3D models, our effects and animations... in fact, everything! We will also keep you updated about the game system.

We would love to know your opinions. How could it be improved? Is a particular rule too complicated or too restrictive? How could the game be more balanced? With your help, Archmagia will become the great game we have dreamed that it will be.How can you contribute?Well, reading this blog is a great first step. We will try to post all our progress and keep you up-to-date about the whole development process as frequently as possible.

Please do take into account that we are funding this work with our own resources so, from time to time, we will have to focus on other developments and projects.
We just want to ask you one favor: follow us and comment on our posts. If you like them, please do share them with your friends. The bigger we are, the better the game will be.

Welcome to Archmagia. This will be an amazing journey and we want to share it with you.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Wow! Just wow! Quite excited about this! Watching!

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