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I never expected that my game was going to warrant a page on the Indie DB, much less a release! In this post I will introduce GravityBomb and run down a list of the recent changes and upgrades as well as some speculation on the future.

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Hey everybody! I'm Dragonsdoom, the lead developer on GravityBomb! Actually, I'm the only developer. (It's a very quiet office environment.) I do have a couple friends pitching in on the project from time to time, mostly on the art and level design side; my buddy PrototypeNo1 and my buddy Velairick.

I imagine most people have seen a couple of clips of gameplay or possibly a screenshot, but just in case you like reading more than looking at pretty pictures, I'll sum up the game here: GravityBomb is a strategy/puzzle game that pits you against opponents with the objective to destroy any hostile vessels that get in your way. To accomplish that goal, you have to aim your gravity bombs with just the right angle and power to snake your way through a gauntlet of interstellar objects. It looks sort of like this picture from the gallery:

The quick-start tutorial.

Now that everyone new is pretty much up to speed, we can move on to updates.


GravityBomb is very near release. I think that with an art overhaul, some code polish, and more levels than I have now, I will be able to release it to the general public quite soon. I would like to sell it to customers at a reasonable price, hopefully with an included level editor. That being said, I'm still working to make sure you get plenty of bang for your buck, and that's precisely why this past Saturday I added wormholes:

This is a new level created in the level editor I built last week.


Not shown: my glee-filled face.

Please excuse the temporary programmer art on a few of the wormholes and things. I had tons of fun writing and playing with the wormholes, I'm sure you guys will have even more. You can also see the stars in the background twinkling in a few places. Not enough was going on in the background, so I added those to brighten things up. I also just recently updated things to support background music better, I just need to see about replacing the temporary tracks I have. My next few goals include some work with the AI to get it performing less moronically, sound effects in more places, particle explosions, and a few other things. Possibly a new object to play with in the levels, but I need to stay quiet about that.


Thanks for following me; I'd love to hear feedback from the community if you want to share it. If comments sections are too mainstream for your sophisticated indie tastes, you can yell at me on twitter, I'm @Dragonsdoom.

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