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Hello all and welcome to the New Unreal Voyager mod!

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Hello all and welcome to the New Unreal Voyager mod!

For our very first news post we have some minor images of the messhall on deck 2, the sickbay on deck 5, a corridor panel and the internals of one of the crew quarters complete with a replicator! (All are WIP at the moment, so C&C's are welcome).

The replicators are in the process of being coded so the player can choose from a list of items to Spawn.

Voyager SickBay Voyager Crew Quarters

Voyager Messhall Voyager Hallway

There will be mission based scenarios, everything from repairing conduits to being part of an Awayteam on a strange alien planet and having to defend yourself or find a specific item vital to Voyagers operation. Rewards will take the form of credits, with which you can use to buy items, like clothing, TOS style weapons, upgrades for your ship, even decorations for your quarters!

More missions will be added as and when they're complete, but there will be plenty to choose from. Including the creation of customisable Holodeck missions!

That's all for now and for this introduction. Until next time!

The Unreal Voyager Team!

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