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Luke does an interview for you guys, information about working on our first game and what it's like to be an animator.

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*In walks luke with his cool sexy boots*

What is it like working in a game team?It's challenging working in a game team, there is alot of challenges and hurdles to get over and the team has prooved that in one way or another, sometimes it definatley can be fun and it's what i have always wanted to do work with a group of people trying to make a cool game but sometimes is also annoying when certain work is not done or we have over thought somethings and builds alot of pressure, especially with the 3 week deadline coming up!

What is it like working on animation for a 2D game?
When i first came into the 2nd year of university i wanted to work on 3D, considering its what i did alot in college and im very attuned to the software and skills required, but when the team decided to a 2D game i also had the skills from college from working with flash and other 2D programs, its about being versatile, hours are very long and even 10 seconds of animation can take upto 5 hours to make with doing each individual sprite so it looks smooth, i also have learned alot of new stuff to do with animtation and how i can put out more effective animations through my mistakes.

What do you like about E.Vade?
I like the fact when we made the idea's at the start with the post it method and seeing some of the game idea's coming out, it's funny because we came up with a stealth game that had the last zombie unalive trying to sneak past humans, then we decided what if you were left to rust in the junkyard and u tried escaping for freedom from the evil robots, all the ideas we had it really sounded like a big project and something differant and special within the stealth genre.

What do you like about being an animator?
Best thing about animation is when you finally complete an animation and it looks smooth and how you want it to look like, everyone relies on you so they can see the game work in motion and movement in games and the way things animate really makes a game.

Making an animation takes along time and can be tedious sometimes slowly moving a character and make it look smooth with frame restrictions, it can get very frustrating.

What have you learned from the project?
Main thing is teamwork and not letting personal conflicts get in the way of professional work, especially friends, obviously you want to work with them but if they dont do the work it affect's you in some ways, so i have learned to keep both separate, Also dont leave anything till the last minute as it means you have time to modify or change the project.

What feature do you miss from E.Vade?
Biggest downer was when the extended arms was cut, as we had already cut the scanner, actually no .... the biggest feature i miss was the wheel as i did most of the animations then it was cut

If you could add one thing too E.Vade what would it be?
If would of liked it to be top down or 2.5D

Finally ...... What game do you wish you could work on?
I have to say WoW ..... actually scratch that Diablo 3, Its a massive game and looks like it has alot of useful and beautiful animations, i would of liked to work on some of that, as it looks fun and challenging.

"Thanks Luke for giving us your time, hopefully Gigabits gets a cooler stance"

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