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Second most rainy summer in Denmark since they started to measure that annoying wet thing from the skies. Fortunately Sci-Fi is created in dry docks behind a desk, inside.. with coffee.. and stuff. SITREP time. /Reese

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Team debriefing

Kim (ZPSHicks)
Game Director

"I've begun modeling one of our cave environments and have blocked out and animated an artificial sunlight crane; all to help establish a scale and feel of things. I've additionally started tweaking a new terrain setup that'll help us ground the combat areas inside the artificial cave system and are testing various light and weather setups, tree configurations and other performance related challenges.

We're extremely excited about these highly dynamic environment options and what they'll bring to our multiplayer experience. We are confident that the dynamic adjusted game-modes will be our first competitive edge in Deadlock and we're are really looking forward to opening up our doors to the development of Deadlock; when we all start playing and we are able to focus all our efforts and energy into making the experience better and better every two-week Sprint moving forward.".

Mikael (heks)
Lead Programmer

"OFFLINE - Vacation"

Jesper Andersen (Scribblehead)
Concept Artist

"Hi there, the team has asked me to put out a few words about myself - i'm frankly not very good at talking about that subject, i'd much rather rant about why there's no hot coffee next to me right now!

I'm often referred to as Scribblehead, my online nickname, though my real name is of course Jesper Andersen, and i'm proud to call myself the newest member of the IM team. I'll be your second visual guide to the world of IM along with the very talented Mr. Cotta!

So a little about myself; i'm 28....thats old, for some people standards. I started my professional career at 21 as a conceptual artist, when i was hired by Crytek to work on the Crysis series - after leaving germany and having worked as a freelance artist for a while, i'm now looking forward to completing a Masters degree in design. As far as interests i don't think i'm any different than many other artists (or at least concept artists) out there, though i have an obscene obsession of Vinyls....
Another thing is that i'm a huge fan of the science fiction movies made in the 1970's and 1980's, give us back the clunky keyboards and chunky doors, instead of fancy holograms.

At the moment I'm hard at work on the different elements of the ITO facility, we're still discussing the scope of things - but the team has got some huge plans in the making, and frankly I'm quite amazed at how high the bar is set already.

Also i'll soon have some more info up on my work flow and a step-by-step process, stay happy folks!".

"An empty desk. Heks we miss you; please stop your vacation and come home :)"

Anders (cptKickASS)
Game Artist

"Back at the office on fulltime. The Character controller is moving forward. I have mainly been testing how the build in animation system in unity is. Thank good there are so many great examples (Running Man been one of them) on how to build your movement in Unity. Additive animation can take you far but not to the goal, so I have been experimenting with Ik setups for snapping hands and weapons. It has really spawned alot of ideas for how to control the weapon setup, and making it easier to implement all the Customized weapons we are planning for

Crysis 2, Done".

Jess (NecroSonic)
Level Designer

"Following the new training facility blueprint and the cave concept that were featured in the Picture of the Week I set forth to create a number of different bunkers and structures. The idea is that these may simply be drag and dropped into the cave areas as we see fit. At the moment I am trying to do a handful of different types that may serve as templates so that each of these may be used multiple times by customizing them to fit the given context.

The biggest difference in the levels will be whether they are mostly indoor or outdoor environments. By outdoor I mean “out” in a big cave with trees, artificial sunlight etc. While all levels will be placed in a big cave we have the choice to make each level more indoor themed or outdoor themed.

We may either create bigger buildings that will house many players and most of the action or we may choose to do smaller buildings (like the ones I am creating at the moment) and have most of the fighting going on in the cave and have the smaller buildings serve as bunkers and outpost. So it is a question of the degree of man-made vs nature environment. In the end I am sure that we will do both some indoor and some outdoor levels as well as some in between, but what would you like to see first?".

Nicolai (Reese)
CEO & Composer

"Finalizing a score for.. well, something really really cool I guess ;)

I was thinking of putting up a Dev Blog / Audio Blog next week featuring this score, its development progress and ideas/thoughts, although Kim is trying very hard at the moment to convince me of creating a Video Log instead for some odd reason. I'll get back on that when we make a decision.

First my cake,- now my coffee?? I hate you guys". Summary

Picture of the Week 0040

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