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It has been quite a ride for us after we published the "Will You Believe?" video. We have been giving a lot of interviews, made many new friends with journalists and writers at games magazines and sites, and have also passed 100,000 Registered Members. So before we go on a small easter vacation we'll just give you an update of whats going on at Zero Point Software.

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The development of Deadlock is taking form as we are prototyping a lot of new tech.

+100,000 Registered Members

We now have more than 100,000 Registered Users - let's just write that again in letters: "One-Hundred-Thousand Registered Users"! This is a major milestone for us, and it feels great to finally be able to say: "We have more than one-hundred-thousand Registered Members". Member number 100,000 was Dant96, and he was awarded with a Spearhead upgrade.

Just for the fun of it we looked up "one-hundred-thousand" on Wikipedia, and it said: "One hundred thousand (100,000) is the natural number following 99999 and preceding 100001".
Even though it's an obvious definition it also reminded us that although it's a really great achievement, it's just one small step towards the future. So we made a small cheerful toast with each other at the office to celebrate the milestone and went back in the trenches, getting dirty working on Deadlock.
We've experienced a huge boost in Registered Members after the "Will You Believe?" video

DevBlogs & Prototypes

Since Log Entry 018, we have posted a couple of new DevBlogs and prototypes. Remember to tune in to our DevBlog section regularly for your Open Door Development fix! Here's a list of the latest:

Deadlock Map: Operations - Iteration 1
The first part in a series by ZPSHicks, where you can follow the making of a multiplayer-level

Cube-Sourced Sounds Prototype
Kenneth tries out a more realistic approach to non-linear sound sources

Unity Light Prototype - Faking Dynamic Global Illumination - Part 1
ZPSHicks made a prototype where he dived into dynamic lighting in Unity

Weekly 'SITREP'

As a part of our Open Door Development methodology, we have decided to make a 'SITREP' each friday, where our beloved CEO, Nicolai (Reese), will give you a SITuation REPort of our activities during the week. Here he will list new Developer Blogs, interviews, new features in Deadlock, and general activities at the office.

This means that we once again rearrange the weekdays for our community activities, and we have also chosen to say goodbye to Question of the Week, at least for a while. Although it spawned some really great discussions on the forum we found ourselves using quite a lot of time and effort on thinking up the questions and writing them. We would much rather use this time for blogging and developing Deadlock.

The new weekdays are as follows:

  • Monday: Picture of the Week
  • Wednesday: Ask the Developers
  • Friday: SITREP
Read the first SITREP, by our great leader Nicolai (Reese)

Avatar Competition

We've started an avatar competition, where you can create and submit your own avatars. We'll also let you vote for the best, and the 20 avatars with the highest number of votes will give one Support Medal each as a reward to the creator. The 20 winner avatars will be available to use for your user profiles along with the current avatars.
Some of the avatars you all know so well by now - time to make some more

Other news

  • Destructoid posted a 3-part frontpage feature about Interstellar Marines a couple of weeks ago. Big ups to Maurice Tan from Destructoid for this incredible piece of work: Part1, Part2, Part3
  • We now have 103,604 registered users, 2,142 Spearheads, 174 Frontliners and the total sum of Support Medals is 9.706.
  • The interview marathon continues: XboxPlus, GamingShogun, GameBanana, Pixel Pushers. More are coming up!


We'll all be out of office next week due to easter vacation but will return the 26th of April. So happy easter to all!

ZPSHicks, Reese, heks and Kenneth
The team at Zero Point Software

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Got this email yesterday, nice job guys.

Also, did you know they have 100,000 members?

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