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Have you wondered about all the information Greenlight gives you about your campaign? We're spilling the beans! Also a light progress report on Interplanetary.

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Hi, everyone! Game design fellow Sasu, here! Interplanetary's Greenlight campaign is over and development continues. It's a very busy time for the whole team, implementing some new features and shining up the game here and there. We've had a lot of very useful feedback and we're working hard on getting the best ideas in the game.

We've been meaning to release a new update for the alpha version for a while now, but we've encountered some pretty substantial networking problems. Hopefully, we'll have time to work them out sooner than later and put out something new for everyone to play. The Intel System and Tech Tree would really need some outside testing!

For now, I figured that we could talk some more about the mysteries of Greenlight, mainly all the stats that become available for you once you start your campaign. I'm sure many other indie developers are thinking about getting on there, so why not open up the process even more?

Miscellaneous Greenlight Mumblings

I've already gone through the basics of the Greenlight process in an earlier blog post. This time, let's concentrate more on some interesting details.

Interplanetary was Greenlit on January 7th, along with 49 other games. Valve informed us on this by e-mail and the process of applying the game for sale on Steam continues. It's basically some paperwork that needs to be done (and actually finishing developing the game).

Even though the game is through, the Greenlight page still remains. This is good, since we can keep using the page to inform its followers of game updates and other news.

One of the most interesting aspects of the campaign were all the beautiful stats we got to analyze. It was quite thrilling to see our rank rise to top 100 and eventually to #4.

This is what the main box looks like now. There also used to be a number showing our progress towards top 100 and eventually our rank among all the games on Greenlight.

It's also possible to compare your progress with the average progress of the current top 50 games. This gives a good context to the values and something to strive for. After all, the games tend to be Greenlit in big batches of 50 or 100, so once you reach the average, your chances are pretty good.

According to the averages, "yes" and "no"-votes usually go pretty much 50/50. I suppose even "no"-votes are better than no votes.

Again, a good chance to make some comparisons to other items and get an idea on what numbers you are aiming for. The comparison lines change periodically and sometimes you encounter some pretty insane graphs looking down on you and making you feel discouraged. Who's laughing now, red line?

A graph also lets you look back on your ups and downs during the campaign. October was when we first started working on our Greenlight page and the big jump signifies the moment we finally made the page public. Interestingly, there was quite a big jump again, once the Steam Holiday Sales were over.

Pretty nifty, huh? The page still receives new views and comments daily, although it's nowhere near as active as it used to be.

I hope this was enlightening for some of you aspiring Greenlighters. If you have time to dedicate on all the preparation, I definitely recommend going for it. Even if we hadn't passed, we still would've had our community grow and received a lot of good feedback.

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