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December 2nd monthly progress entry. We have been working on INT for a year now, and our core values remain the same. This update will cover several key milestones we have accomplished over the past month, and discuss our final sprint towards completing the demo.

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Welcome to the December 2nd progress entry. It is hard to believe that we have been working on INT for a year now. Next month on January 2nd, we will be having our one year anniversary! Throughout the last year we have gone through our fair share of internal changes, but our core values remain the same. We have a vision of bringing you, the player, a visually appealing, story-rich RPG set in the near future that will tell an ever changing story which will morph based on how you want to play.

Over the past month we have accomplished several key milestones that go towards completing the demo for the game. This update will cover these milestones and discuss our final sprint towards completing the demo. Though we still have some time before we release the demo, we are nearing the final hurdles that we must cross. The demo is going to be released to the public at no charge and this month we will be showcasing some exciting features that you will find in the demo.

It is my hope that you will follow our progress with interest and check us out when we have finished the demo. Enjoy our departmental updates and I look forward to discussing INT more in the coming weeks!

The art department, led by Monte, has continued making progress on the demo. Progress has been made on the character creation suite, the apartment level, and street level. This month I will share with you two videos from the game. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress and not representative of the final product!

Monte: Monte's basement is a continuation of the apartment level to a new sub-zone. This is the first time we are showcasing it. If you want to check out Monte's other stuff please go to his website:

Johnny: Johnny's character creation suite is where you will be creating your character for the game. Once again, this is the first look at the system and we will be ready to release more details as we come closer to the release of the demo.

Kong: In this video our concept artist Kong works on the ACP flight-suit (the finished image is below). All music is done by INT's composer Heath.

Matt: Matt has been continuing to work on roof elements for the street level. These roof elements will be featured throughout the game and we have already looked at several over the past month. Not much new to report, his most recent model can be viewed below.

Make sure to let us know what you thought of the videos and be sure to stay around for new updates! We hope you enjoyed this month's art update!

Coding and Development have started putting together test environments to bring us closer to a finished product. We're setting up one system at a time and trying everything we can to make sure it will work under any conditions we can predict, and hopefully a few we can't. It is a time consuming process but it makes sure the game runs how we want it to and ends up with the quality everyone's expecting.

This month has been an exciting one for writing as we rally to finish the dialogue for the tech demo! For the most part we've been working on editing and retooling several dialogues in order to better fit the final product and so far it is looking amazing! Rather than bore all of our readers with our edits I'd like to speak for a moment on dialogues themselves and how we go about building them.

As our long time followers may note, INT is an ambitious game, a game where we hope to have a character driven story where the player gets a different set of companions each time he or she plays through the game. Not only that, but we want the companions to interact so as to create a more vibrant world and to help really flesh out their characters as well as how they interact with other personalities. Obviously, this is quite the monumental task requiring a tangled web of text and an almost insane amount of organization, but the end result has and will be more than worth it. As we've talked about before, our goals are to build a realistic future as well as build characters who would exist in said future and we are more than succeeding.

Over the next couple months we will be releasing more information on some of the companions that will be included in the tech demo and beyond-- so stay tuned for that!

Make sure to check out our forums where we will begin hosting discussions about the INT-verse and the characters in it so we may better tailor the game to players!

This month sound will be showcasing a video detailing how our composer Heath goes about composing his brilliant pieces.

Creative Development

This month we have worked vigorously to finish issue #1 of Tens Day. This comic has been featured here on IndieDB before. Please check it out if you haven't seen it:

We are putting the finishing touches up on the comic as we speak, and you can expect to see its release soon!

If you have not had a chance please follow the link below to our newly designed website. This website has been built by our web administrator Panda. Be sure to check it out and sign up for our forums (which will soon be undergoing a redesign themselves).

Please check back next month on January 2nd for our year-in review update!


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