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The map insurgent strike for my mod will be realised as a demo map for Special Forces soon.

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The map Insurgent Strike for my mod will be realised as a demo map for Special Forces soon. When this is realised, it will be added to your xpack1 levels section. This map will require you to have the Special Forces expansion. The guns I have listed in the images section will not be present when this demo map is realised as I have not began editing and tweaking them yet. The map will feature the following:

-Urban Warfare
-MEC vs Insurgents
-16,32 and 64 size
-Close quaters combat (CQC)
-Features from Special Forces and Battlefield 2
-No new kits (I will add them later)

Insurgent Stirke description:
Insurgent Strike
MEC vs Insurgents
In Jordan, in the city of Madaba, insurgents have confirmed a main
target as one of the royal hiers to the royal family of the Middle
Eastern Coallition (MEC) hidding in his palace. To get to the palace,
the insurgents must first take the police station and the TV station
aswell as several MEC outposts. This urban fighting could get
uncontrolable very quickly.


Battlefield 2:Terrorist Strike

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