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Twcenter is down so I put here some secondary installation instructions for the DarthMod Empire Enforced versions.

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Read carefully the instructions on how to apply:

Installation procedure for DM and DMUC "Enforced"
We are ready to defend from your waves of questions and we will counterattack with answers.
We anticipate your large scale assault. But before you attack us with unnecessary questions,
do try to read carefully.
Focus... step-by-step do, and we think you will manage it...

Only one step needed to play DM "Enforced"

1st Step
-Download and Install DM 6.0 "Enforced" (It has an easy installer).
-You can now play it either by launching the original empire.exe from your desktop or from your Steam Client.

The additional steps are needed to play also DMUC "Enforced"

Needs the 1st step... that is to install DM... do not forget!
2nd Step
-Download and install DMUC 6.0 (It has an easy installer).
-Download DMUC_Core_Hotfix 6-6-2010.rar
-Decompress the file.
-Copy/paste the DMUC_Core.pack to your game folder for example:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data
to overwrite the older DMUC_Core.pack.

3rd Step
-Open the DMUC launcher and DO NOT change any gameplay&graphics&sound parameters except Research Speed and Turns per year if you want.
-Choose as usually the campaign you wish to start but before you launch the game EDIT the script (there is a button for that).
-Insert mod darthmod.pack; to the script and make it certain to be one place below the mod DMUC_Core.pack;. Also delete mod DMUC_BSM.pack; and mod DMUC_Sounds.pack; from the script.

In short, do not read anything of the above... this is an example script of what you should do, it is quite easy:
Code: mod DMUC_CP.pack;
mod DMUC_NoTrails.pack;
mod DMUC_Navy.pack;
mod DMUC_Grenades.pack;
mod DMUC_CAN.pack;
mod DMUC_FORTS.pack;
mod DMUC_Tech.pack;
mod DMUC_Deploy.pack;
mod DMUC_Core.pack;
mod darthmod.pack; ADD
mod DMUC_Update.pack;
mod DMUC_Custom.pack;
mod DMUC_SkinPack.pack;
mod DMUC_UnitsPack.pack;
mod DMUC_Natives.pack;
mod DMUC_AUM.pack;
mod DMUC_HUD.pack;
mod DMUC_DFM.pack;
mod DMUC_Sounds.pack; DELETE
mod DMUC_Music.pack;
mod DMUC_Arrows.pack;
mod DMUC_Borders.pack;
mod DMUC_Markers.pack;
mod DMUC_Skies.pack;

4th Step
-Save the script, close notepad, launch the game, enjoy!


I have windows 7 64bit... all ok?
Congratulations but also you have to know that If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows... the C folder will NOT be the default in the installer. So you MUST manually browse to target the correct installation path.

How I verify that DM has been enforced?

You used the installer correctly? Then in your game folder for example C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data\ there should be a darthmod.pack with modified date 5/6/2010.

How I verify that DMUC has been enforced?

-First ensure that in your game folder for example in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data\ both the darthmod.pack, DMUC_Core.pack have modified date 5/6/2010. These are the newest!
-Ensure that your script is edited as I said.
-You will hear other cannon sounds (thicker). These are the DM default and this method is the easiest to understand.
-Also you will notice many new gameplay characteristics: stronger squares, powerful solid cannon shots fragments etc.
-I am sorry this is what I could do until hip63 returns to modding business due to real life time issues.

Can I continue my campaigns?

Yes. For both DM and DMUC. Although I propose to play a new one to see 100% all the new effects of CAI.

Will I be able to play multiplayer?

Only with the normal DM and not from the DMUC launcher for the time being.

Are there any things I should not do in order not to mess up the DMUC "Enforced"?
-Do not change the gameplay&graphics&sound parameters described above (otherwise the DMUC_Core will be replaced by older obsolete settings).
-Do not use the multiplayer feature of DMUC.
-Do not reset the DMUC scripts unless it is necessary. If you did it, you must re-edit the script as advised above, for every campaign mode you play.

Are the DMUC addons supported in this enforce?
Not fully, are not recommended for the time being. Play DMUC 6.0 + Enforce as I advise.

Why the DMUC crashes?

Because you messed it up. Read above or you have a general DMUC problem so visit our troubleshooting guides.

Why the DM crashes?
If you installed it correctly (There is this easy installer for gods shake) then maybe you have played also DMUC which may have deleted the script or an .esf file. If you are an expert you know how to re-enable these, otherwise you can run the DM installer again... 1 minute job.

Can I play DM and DMUC without fear?
First, fear is for the weak. Second, you can play just fine, both mods, one time or another you can swap between them and continue campaigns you played with them. And if you mess up, you know what to do. Read the above.

Can I play vanilla with DM/DMUC "Enforced" installed?
-You can play but the campaigns will have large size units (This is caused by DM because it installs campaign files called .esf replacing those of vanilla in order to implement the big sizes of units and CAI changes).

Can I play vanilla with DM/DMUC "Enforced" uninstalled?
-By installing DM, some campaign files called .esf replace those of vanilla in order to implement the big sizes of units and CAI changes. By uninstalling DM, these files are deleted but not replaced. You have to manually repair Empire Total War, through the Steam client.
-DMUC is completely mod foldered due to its special launcher which manages file operations automatically (moves,copy/pastes files on the fly) and by default does not "hurt" vanilla. But now, DMUC is depended from DM after it is "enforced" so it "suffers" from the same problem. You cannot revert to vanilla without repairing through Steam.
-Who wants to play vanilla anyway?

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