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Well, i'm a little late posting this but there has been a new turtle modding event being held at inside 3d.
This event is not only for pro's but even for those of us trying to better our modding skills. So everyone come and compete!

Quote from Error explaining what turtle modding is:

"Error" wrote: The idea of a turtle mod is to give people a rule set, a theme to build on, and a general time-frame for how long to create your mod from scratch. Being that it's called a turtlemod, you are given a longer time to build your mod than a speedmodding event. If you don't need all the allotted time, then that's fine as well.

So basically turtle modding is sort of like speed modding in the sense that you have more time to prepare and construct your submission. Each event is given a 'theme' or 'idea' and set with a certain time period in which you must complete and enter your mod.

Not only are these events fun, But they will help you further your skills in modding Quake. Think of it as an exercise for fun. So i am competing and i hope to see your guy's entry's as well!.

Here is a quote from Error to explain the current theme and rules:

"Error" wrote:
I3D Turtlemodding Session #1:We're just going to kick this thing off right now.Theme : If Quake played like...Submit before : Midnight UTC - Tuesday, January 18th, 2011QC Base to start : Any QC base will do for this one.Rules: *** You cannot use illegal copyrighted materials. *** Do not use other people's work without giving credit. *** I will not host any materials from commercial games (unless owned by you). *** Put simply, don't claim something as your own unless it truly is.

So once again please head over to I3D today and check it out!

Link to the thread with info.

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