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Get in the game :-) Tell me what u think/want/know would be awesome!

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Hey guys!

As this game is in very early development its a great time to present your input.
VR is a great experience and if we put our minds to it then simple games as these can become great little gems along the way.
Currently switching from "God view" to FPS view is implemented.
This feature alone meant a change in gameplay as from God view mode the gameplay is much easier then from FPS mode, simply because in God view Mode you can see all around the player.
That made me thinking that maybe when in FPS mode the player could be in a "ufo" style tank thingy.
Have the ability to look behind you in a rear view mirror + a extra gun pointing backwards.
So shooting 2 directions at the same time, making FPS mode more "on par" with the God view mode.
What do u think?
Having great ideas, share them cause now is the time.

VR Cade Commander Early Version

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