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HI! Kiro-san here. The main reason of this devlog is to chat a little about this project.

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HI! Kiro-san here. The main reason of this devlog is to chat a little about this project.

First of all, since Inner Dark was costing too much from me, i went practically forced to do something. What i did was heading back to a OLDER project, Jumon! Daiken (whichs now name is Wings of Ashes). Anyways, there no need of repeating this story again, since i already said it in past updates. The main reason why i'm doing this post is to at least to...clarify this formally for who still ask. INNER DARK, is paralyzed, but was not abandoned. For now, i'm working on Wings of Ashes. Later, someday which i don't know when, i'll retake the progress of Inner Dark.

For the newcomers, Inner Dark is a game (SUPPOSED TO BE) Survival Horror with Stealth elements. A news to the old followers is...Inner Dark history was planned to be a spin-off or a "alternative side story" of Wings of Ashes main lore. Cool? Yeah, i guess. Wings of Ashes lore is bigger than you think, or not...Heheheh.

Finally! to finish this post, i'll let something cool here in the files. I'll let the TEST build of Inner Dark. But since it's just a TEST, there's nothing more than core mechanics of the games. Nothing more than that, checkout only if you are REALLY interested in the project. Ah! don't forget to read the README file.
Well, i guess...that's all for now. See you, in the next update! :D

NOTE: i guess there is something cool to see at the Main Menu. Do you wanna see it? Don't hit START button at the Main Menu! wait a while there and i'll see it :)

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