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StarCraft Field Command 2 - Initial multiplayer beta now available!

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After several months of development, I am pleased to release the initial beta version of StarCraft: Field Command 2!

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This mod is a total conversion of StarCraft: Brood War, focusing on inter-Terran conflicts in the wake of DuGalle's defeat at the end of Brood War. The Terran race has been split into 5 separate factions, each with their own tech-tree and gameplay focus:

  • Raynor's Raiders - a fast, mobility-focused faction that excels at hit and run attacks.
  • United Earth Directorate - a faction that focuses on powerful, costly units and advanced upgrades.
  • Terran Dominion - an aggressive faction that relies on swarm tactics and brute force.
  • Umojan Protectorate - high-tech faction with a variety of buffs and support units.
  • Terran Confederacy - masters of economic efficiency and debilitating debuffs.

The initial multiplayer beta features the first three factions, with additional factions and singleplayer AI to be added later.

SCFC2 Beta 0 5

Feel free to report bugs or leave feedback here, or over at Staredit Network.

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