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First post to note all initial ideas. Refinement of these ideas will occur over time as the ideas become more and more developed.

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First post to note all initial ideas. Refinement of these ideas will occur over time as the ideas become more and more developed.

Skill, balance and teamwork.

As with most MOBAs there are tutorials to help players somewhat understand the games mechanics. I feel that none help players fully understand the overall idea of the games, such as; jungling, warding, buffs, objective control etc. Also none have any incentives for players to want to do the tutorials.

To tackle this, the following could be done:

  • Multiple tutorials for different aspects of the game; Roles (Supporting, Jungling, Carrying and Tanking), Warding (Recommend areas to ward to prevent getting caught out of position), Objective control (recommend going to assist other lanes once you have taken a tower in your lane) etc.
  • In-game help for certain things to help players along. Tips popping up if players have died a few times without any kills to recommend they play defensive until some support from the jungler occurs.
  • To entice players to complete tutorials, rewards could be earned for each tutorial completed with a bigger reward being earned if all tutorials are completed. These rewards could be in the form of currency for individual tutorials and a free skin/character for completing them all.

Each tutorial will involve a scripted scenario similar to ones that could occur in game.
Character movement - Having full control over your character I feel is more desired by players so the WASD style will be used.

Basic Attacks - All basic attacks will be skill-shots.

Abilities - A standard '4 abilities per character' will be used, with 1,2,3 and 4 being used to use the abilities. Additionally a dodge mechanism will be included which allows players to dodge by rolling or teleporting (character dependent). This dodge will have a charge; maximum of 2 charges and charges at 10 seconds per charge.

Actives - SMITEs actives are a very good and useful idea and a similar approach would be desired for Fusion of Worlds.

Valiants will be sorted out into categories: Physical Carry, Spell Carry, Bruisers, Supports and Assassins.

Once a character is chosen the player then gets to decide which kit they'd like to use. Each character has two kits to choose from. The kits are a set of abilities, for example, one kit could be a support kit and the other kit could be a jungling/assassin kit.

Characters will gain power from either magical or physical items. How characters benefit from these items can be done in one of three ways:

  1. SMITE - Each character is assigned a type: Physical OR Magical. Characters would only be able to buy items for their type. This would limit builds though.
  2. League of Legends - Characters would have a PREFERRED type but players are not limited to builds. For example, a character could be a Spell Carry but has decent utility spells which would make them still viable even if they built physical items to increase their attack damage, like Ahri (Charm useful to stun and get plenty of auto attacks off) and Twisted Fate (gold card to stun). Allowing varied/hybrid builds.
  3. Additional idea - All characters abilities benefit from spell items and their basic attacks benefit from physical items.

Another idea for items is to instead of characters gaining set amounts of damage or stats from items they would gain percentage boosts. These percentage boosts could range from movement increase, damage increase (increase BASE damage by a percentage), attack speed, dodge cooldown reduction etc.

Objectives Standard two towers in lanes with an inner turret and objective to take to spawn stronger minions will be done. Big buff objective to take down will be included with another objective that gives good gold. These objectives will be placed where its within equal range of each base so that no team has an advantage over the other of getting to it.

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