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The International Genetics Technologies memorandum to see the mighty news of the islands of Jurassic Park.

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"A chaos edge unpredictable results occur.

Survival is seriously threatened".

Dr. Ian Malcolm.

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Hello There! our dear Park Visitors.

Welcome to the second informative post about our park. After welcoming you to the island and this wonderful adventure with the previous post, it's time to talk a little about our main protagonists, our amazing Dinosaurs.

The Legacy Dream: Jurassic Park, the plan is to be the most accurate expansion pack in terms of canonical details, we speak, not only, in structures, environmental details and others, but also of our animals and their characteristics.

This expansion pack aims to show in our facilities and in the park more than 24 main species, all completely annotated in the canon, expanded with many of their variants and sexual dimorphism seen in the movies, from the famous and voracious Velociraptor to the strange and curious Metriacanthosaurus.

Initially it was planned to place the Pterosaurs as the Pteranodon, however due to many technical errors, it had to be declined.

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9  Escala de Dinosaurios

The size chart of all of our principal animals cloned by InGen.

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In addition to our main attractions on the island, our scientists have created an extra batch of creatures that will be clearly exclusive for operations, tutorials and episodes within the game's campaign, which promise to surprise our most loyal fans.

These dinosaurs, with the exception of one of them, break the canonical and chronological scheme to increase the variety a bit, that is why they remain exclusive and not to be placed at will in the parks, however they still remain within the homage to the novel and promotional materials.

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8  Guia InGen Menu

The names of the exclusive animals

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Dinosaurs are still in the development stage, however they are almost ready to be exhibited. shortly, we will be able to show how they will look on our islands.

Thank you for enjoying this tour.

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