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The International Genetics Technologies memorandum to see the mighty news of the islands of Jurassic Park.

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"I don´t remember on InGen´s List"

Billy Brennan.

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Greetings park visitors.

First of all I want to show my biggest thanks to everyone who has played this hard work for
making Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis a whole new game, well rooted in film fidelity
of our beloved franchise. They also do not know how happy it makes me that many of you have classified it as the best mod
that JPOG has had since its inception. This was made by a fan for the fans and receiving such warm treatment, despite the problems
deserves all the love in the world.

Therefore, for you, I bring you the announcement of the first DLC or Collection Pack at your request and as a total thanks to your loyalty.
with The Legacy Dream.

I present to you The InGen Forgotten: Collection Pack.

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This new DLC focuses on placing in the new game some slight variants and creatures that, due to limitations, do not
could be placed in the base version of the game, thus offering a sublime and more immersed experience to the films and their production
plus new surprises.

Here are the animals that will be seen:

Gallimimus (Variant of the pre-production model)

Despite not being canonical, it is very popular among fans, especially for its advertising images for the first movie and the figures,
the production Gallimimus, with its colorful blue and red tones placed by the sculptur Paul Mejias and
Mark Crash McCreaddy from Stan Winston's team, players are sure to love it.

35  Gallimimus Maquette Variant

Velociraptor V.1 (Female Variant)

Not all the raptors of The Lost World are stripped, in their groups there are females, some with the similar pattern.
to the first film and others with a different pattern but with the same colors but lighter. This canonical pattern is he sees the raptor accompanying the pair of males who guard the workers' village. Now available in The Legacy Dream.

36  Velociraptor V 1 Female Var

Velociraptor V.2 (Male Variant)

If you have a good eye, in Jurassic Park /// the male raptors have a specimen that instead of having that iconic long stripe, has a route of white specks and a grayer base tone, thus making a slight but curious natural variant in male raptors.

37  Velociraptor V 2 Male Varia

Triceratops (male variant)

For a few seconds in the third movie you can see a herd of male Triceratops, some of these male specimens have white stripes in her back. The ILM for all the movies made slight variants for all the dinosaurs to give it more naturalness, the render of Triceratops male used for The Lost World is used again in Jurassic Park /// with a striped variant.

42  Triceratops Male Variant

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Now the main surprise of this DLC comes with three new creatures...
now it will be possible to have Pterosaurs in your parks!

Now the V.1 version of Pteranodon seen in The Lost World, the Geosternbergia and the V.2 version of Pteranodon seen in Jurassic Park ///

38  Pteranodon V 1

41  Geosternbergia

40  Pteranodon V 2

WARNING: pterosaurs have a strange bug that cannot be resolved, which is that the flight animation distorts the animal model,
I highlight this to avoid problems.

This will be the first and last DLC in a while to dedicate myself to other projects to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first movie.
I hope you enjoy it.

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mcb12345 - - 35 comments

Gabriel_Álvarez.incredible pterosaurs and new skins too! But where's the link to the pack?

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HatclawDesigns Author
HatclawDesigns - - 700 comments

In few minutes

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mcb12345 - - 35 comments

Thank you for the answer! And good luck to the projects for the 30th anniversary!

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Edna1 - - 1,627 comments

dude that such a awesome mod

and you put so much heart to it thanks for your work!

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HatclawDesigns Author
HatclawDesigns - - 700 comments


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