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The International Genetics Technologies memorandum to see the mighty news of the islands of Jurassic Park.

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C  Logo Sombra y luz

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"Creation Is An Act Of Sheer Will...

Next Time It Be Flawless".

John Hammond.

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Greetings park visitors.

It's been a long time since the park first opened its doors and the first tour of our beloved InGen islands was a huge hit with die-hard fans with the first version of The Legacy Dream: Jurassic Park.

With this I take advantage of myself Gabriel Álvarez and my group of Hatclaw designs to give total thanks to those people who have been able to play this and make us grow with this work that was done with great love for this wonderful franchise.

Thank you for classifying us as the most faithful and complete expansion of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis!

Now, after a year and eight months, with my development and direction, if you forget the wonderful help from my dear friends at The Nightmare Studios and the great feedback from the developers of Jurassic World: Expantion Pack, we offer you the complete remake of this expansion called "New Steps".

D  New Step Sticker

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New Steps, shares the objective of the last version, to be the most faithful expansion in terms of all the canonical and production characteristics of the main Jurassic Park trilogy and the details offered by Jurassic World of which I personally call "The Hammond Chronology ".

But the real novelty comes behind the advancement of technology to make mods in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, generating a long hard work, in creating, re-editing and rebuilding in a deep way, now in a more faithful way, the entire graphic section , sound, music, data and much more to give a complete realistic immersion and cause a complete new experience in this adventure in the park,

Thus highlighting not only a remake of the first version of this expansion, but also the deepest and total change of the original game.

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1  Visitors Center

The Magnificent Visitors Center... Now reconstructed more exactly to the film appareance with new characteristics based in the Rick Carter, Jim Teergaten & John Bell Concepts ilustrations like the all old a new buldings of the expantion pack.

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3  Helipad

Our great new Helipad, to give the welcome to our beauty island and dinosaurs.

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2  Pteratops Restaurant

Please enjoy our tropical five-star cusine in the Pteratops Restaurant.

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4  Safari Lodge

The Beauty Safari Lodge...only in Jurassic Park.

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We have also put a huge catalog of new features in decoration, animals, environment and much more full of a lot of Easter Eggs that the most fans will love.

About our wonderful attractions, the protagonists of this park, the dinosaurs, are still being produced in our laboratories. But fully assured that they will totally surprise our audience.

So, without further ado, dream, build and survive ... In this adventure, 65 million years in the making.

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Gabriel Álvarez & Hatclaw Designs:

Creation and direction of the expansion pack.
Re-edition and creation of models, textures of each character characteristics of the game, complete edition of data, information and gameplay, complete change of the HUD and GUI graphics, promotion images, edition, remastering and complete mix of sounds and music. General game changes.

Daniel Carver´s The Nightmare Studios:

Direction of promotion and distribution.
Dinosaur texture, some GUI background InGen field Guide dinosaur design, some promotional images.

Developers of the Jurassic World Expantion Pack, Douglas Weasley and The Toho Society.

Animation and rig of new dinosaur models and some external promotion.

External credits:

to Zoo Tycoon´s Hendrix, Aurora Designs and Frontier Develoments to the base models to some Plants, Dinosaurs and animals.

And special thanks to my personal friends and Jurassic Park Fans, Tony Bianco, Daniel D. Dominguez, Carlos S. Scanga, Jorge Celis, Marcos Quiñones, Natasha B. Fernandez, Levi Martinez, Gus Monroy, Miguelon Navarro and Alan Del Real.

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