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Some information about game. About vehicles, places e.t.c

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If you ever, at the bottom of your heart, wanted to ride a powerful truck and, pushing the accelerator hard, rending the air with a hoop, see how bugs whistle off frantically to the side of the road to get out off your, the King of the road, way... If you like to take a risk, and are not scared by the other "kings" to lower the boom on them to steal their luck, than this game is for you. On the way there will be speedways, mountain windy roads, wayless parts, floods and marshes. There's no rules. No weapon. The rivals do their best to not let the player reach the destination. The advantage of the player lies in driving skills and the truck power.At a check point the driver may get a bonus, a sum of money which depends on the player place and amount of the load delivered, which can be spent for repair of the truck, or to buy new more powerful truck.


● Lake City - Commercial highway. Night city, all the roads are paved. Complicated by the fact that in the streets of the city can be lost if there is no navigation system, or do not follow the arrows on the road, or not to go with the other players. If you break lights, the visibility is extremely low.
● Mountville - Commercial highway. The road runs in the mountains. There is a shortcut on the way out of the mud, which requires good tires, and a long - on a paved road, but between the rock and the chasm, down which will have to start over or return to base. There is a checkpoint on a bridge across the chasm.
● Trial - Athletic track. It alone is necessary to drive the point indicated by the arrows, over obstacles, such as logs, concrete slabs, ditch, mud, steep, hill. The results of competitors becomes known only upon arrival at the base. Take the road is difficult.
● Circuit - Sport racing circuit. Necessary to drive three laps around the ring road, with little branching. Circle scored when successively pass through the check point and Home start - it is the same Finish.
● Gold Fields - Commercial highway. There are several routes through the forest, a small city, swamps and lake. Part of the road is paved and dirt, with slides and tramplines, a couple of bridges broken. If you fall off the road into a lake - the car will sink (it will be possible to start over or return to base).




● Forced engine - $ 15000. Increase engine power.
● Ventilated disk breaks - $ 3000. As the brakes wear out, they also need to be changed. Bought regularly.
● Non-skid system - - $ 10,000. The car is not stalled in the mud and on the climbs, it may temporarily shut down.
● Super tyres - $ 5000. Truck tires wear out, resulting in a decrease of coupling, thrashing by drifts. Therefore, they should be changed. Bought regularly.
● Adjustable air suspension - $ 12000. Ensures the safety of goods when jumping.
● Adjustable driving seat - $ 1000. With it, you can change the view from the cockpit.
● Navigation system - $ 16000. Allows you to see the full map of the route and the position of rivals.

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